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Saturday, 9 August 2014

More 50 Things

The children are determined to get through more items on their "50 Things to do outdoors before you are 11 3/4" with the National Trust this summer. Here's a few of the ones they've managed over the last 3 weeks.

Wave Jumping - and this little one announced that it's her favourite thing to do.
Holding a Scary Beast - when Tisha held her hands out and presented daddy with a jellyfish we decided that definitely counted. We tried to explain why picking a jellyfish up can be unwise, and she just said it was OK, because she wasn't touching the tentacles, it was upside down.

Walking barefoot on the beach
A bug hunt.
Setting up a snail race wasn't very successful, so will have to try that again.

Our first ever Geocatch, set up by the Pembrokeshire National Trust Team.
Making a Grass Trumpet

Wild art - making things from bits of grass and twigs etc when sat at the roadside, or cliff edge waiting for a hypo to fix.

Rock climbing. My younger two are definitely getting braver.
Rock Pooling

Catching Crabs.  We were given a tip by some very successful crabbers at the harbour. Put a little bit of week old, raw bacon on the end of a line and the crabs will be eager to be caught. They certainly did seem to like the bacon.

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  1. what a fabulous list of fun activities - makes me want to be 11 3/4 again!


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