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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Travel Journal Part 6: Assembly

I've used a Zutter Bind It All machine to assemble Tisha's travel journal with.

When selecting your owire size for the journal, Zutter recommend measuring the thickness of your finished journal, then adding 1/8th of an inch.  For a journal that is going to have stuff stuck inside it, I think an extra 1/4inch might be better. I've used the largest size I had in my stash, the 3/4 inch. I've ordered some larger ones for future journals.

Set-up the Bind-It-All for the correct owire size, using either the measuring gauge on the binding plate, or the plastic measuring guides.
Using wire cutters, cut a strip of owire to the desired size. I'm using 10 rings for this journal.

On the inside of the covers, mark the centre of the edge to be bound.
Extend the mark out to about 3 cm.

Place the cover in the hole punch, lining up the pencil mark with the centre arrow.
Ensure the cover edge is pushed firmly down to the bottom of the slot

Pull the lever, to punch the 6 holes.

Six holes are not enough for this journal, so I'm going to add another 4.
Move the side piece to setting B.

Place the cover back into the cutting place, and put the notch into the end hole

Punch the holes.
Turn the cover around and place the notch into the third hole.

Punch again.

Repeat with the other cover, and the pages.
The pages can be done in batches of about 8 depending on how strong you are and the page thickness.

Thread the pages and covers onto the owire, starting with the back pages, through to the front cover, and finally the back cover. See the two photos below.

Place the owire down onto the binging plate and pull the handle to close the wire. Be sure to check the instruction in the Bind-It-All manual on how to position the owire on the binding plate.

Now Tisha's new journal is complete and waiting for the school summer term to come to an end.

Thank you for reading my blog posts over this past week and watching the journal grow. Many blessings to you, and if you make a journal soon, then please, I'd love to see it.

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  1. You make it look so easy! I really like the look of just having the rings in the middle of the spine. Really adds something.


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