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Monday, 7 July 2014

Travel Journal Part 5: Adding a Pen Holder.

The SMASH journals we saw in the shop had a pen holder inside the back cover. We picked up some of the pens. Tisha wanted a blue one. Fixing a pen holder into the back cover is fairly simple if you have the tools. Remember to include space for the pen when creating the covers (see Part 3 of this tutorial.)

Tool Kit & Supplies

  • Rule, and pencil
  • A hole punch & eyelet setter. I have a Memory Keepers' Big Bite
  • Eyelets (3/8 inch)
  • 1/4 inch wide elastic

Working on the inside of the back cover, find the centre of the right hand edge.
Mark points 2 cm either side of the centre and draw lines from the edge inwards at those two points.

Along those two lines mark two points for the hole locations. Mine are about 7mm and 17mm from the edge.

Punch holes at the marked points
Set eyelets into the holes


Take a length of elastic and thread through the holes as shown in the following photos.

Place the pen in at this stage to ensure the size of the inside loops are correct.

Tie firmly and trim.

This is what the loops look like without the pen.

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