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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mixed Media Sunflower

I've been teaching the children some mixed media art techniques over the last few weeks. They are creating master pieces to give their teachers and teaching assistants at the end of the school term. As part of the teaching process they watched sections of this detailed tutorial with me by Helen Allen.

I completed one of my own today using the same techniques on a 4 x 6 canvas board.

  • coat the canvas board in light olive acrylic paint
  • blend in some yellow and some olive to make the background less flat.
  • stamp leaves onto the background in Olive green
  • sponge dry yellow paint
  • Draw sunflower onto black & white printed paper
  • cut out pieces and glue to dry canvas
  • add a little water to the acrylic paints, and then paint the flower.
  • apply modelling paste to the centre of the flower and using the end of the paint brush make points in the paste
  • allow to dry, then paint the paste with burnt umber acrylic paint. 
  • once dry outline with ink pen (0.5)
  • add details using a finer ink pen (0.3)
  • shade using markers


  1. WOW Angela. Thank you so much for sharing your link. I was so pleased to see my video being used in this way! I would like to mention it in my next post if that is ok with you. Hopefully send a few folk along to take a peek. With the summer holidays ahead what a fab way to while away a few hours. I love your flower canvas. The colours are fab and the textured centre is a great touch. Thank you again for sharing with me and so happy to be helping inspiring the next generation of crafters!!!! :-)))) Hugs Helen

  2. Really lovely. I hope you have the perfect spot in your home to really show it off.


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