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Monday, 3 March 2014

Victorian Inspired Board Game

TJ's class topic this term is the Victorians. They have lots of interesting, creative homework projects that involve making or writing something after a little research. Last week she had to make a board game. So we had a look at Victorian board games together. The Victorians liked to make them a bit educational with maps or history themes in the background etc.

This one themed on the history of bicycles was the inspiration for her game.
The theme she chose was cameras. There is a camera place in our local Victorian museum that she's seen before and she used her memory of that visit for her project, together with Vicki Robinson Designs' Vintage Camera Brushes.


  1. This is so cool, Angela! I love what TJ has done with my product! And I love that you used The Journey for your blog header! Thank you so much! And please tell TJ that I love her board games!

  2. That is just fab - how clever! Well done TJ!

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