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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Experiments in Image Transfer

I love trying new things, and my latest experiments are with image transfer. I want to be able to transfer images from magazines and photos etc directly onto the background paper for my art journals.

In her video, Melanie Matthews makes it look really easy.
  • coat the area of page where image is to go with Fluid Matt Medium
This journal page is made from watercolour paper
and coloured with blue watercolour washes, and white gesso.
The image is from a diabetes research magazine.
  • place the magazine image face down into the medium
  • smooth across with hands
  • leave for a couple of minutes
  • gently peal the magazine scrap leaving the image behind
  • after about 30 seconds gently rub off the remaining paper from the magazine with your finger.

I really like the way it looks, and am going to do some more practising. Would be nice to see how I can incorporate this into some of my mixed media art too.

Note - this technique will reverse the image, so that the left of the image will be to the right of the image after transfer.


  1. This is stunning - instant artistic feeling... does this work best with magazines? I have save so many wonderful images. Can't wait to try this!

  2. An amazing way to use those wonderful images we see all the time in magazines! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Angela - this looks great. I don't do any art journalling but am very impressed with your artistic techniques!

  4. oh wow! you make it look really easy too! I'm definitley goign to try that, thanks for the ideas :o)


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