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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

CKC Challenge 1 - Use Water Colours

The first challenge at CKC this month is to use water colours. Most of my art experimenting recently has been with acrylics, but it's been good to rediscover water colours again. Here's some new pages in my ABC mini art journal.

The simmer in the paint doesn't show in the photo, but it's really pretty.
  • Mix child's silver pearised paint with water to make a watercolour wash for the page base.
  • Add a little violet watercolour paint to the pot and mix into to make a pearised purple and coat a doily with it.
  • Die cut a flower shape from a chocolate wrapper
  • rub-on butterfly into the diecut
  • coat the die-cut shape with home-made mod-podge.
  • sticky gel letters for the page title.

  • Watercolour wash background with lilac and phthalo blue
  • Sponge phthalo blue paint through a homemade stencil (see stencil making tutorial here). As the paint is watery the stencil image "bleeds" to create a soft pattern.
  • Once dry stick an old paper doll dress to the background and coat with glitter paint.
  • Add gems and a word sticker to finish the page.


  1. Awesome tutorials . The stencil dot is my favorite

  2. Very pretty love the look of water color and the stencil dot is really cool :)

  3. love the dot stencil technique, I may have to get my stencils out :)

  4. What a beautiful and serene effect you have created.

  5. such lovely pretty colours. great inspiration here and such lovely effects


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